New S60 to compete directly with 3 series & A4, to have V60 as wagon variant

Motor Trend cites an interview with an un-named Volvo marketing source who confirmed the sizing and market placement of the new 2010 S60 model. While the outgoing S60 sat in a size category above it's perceived main competition, the new model will compete head-on with the German trio of the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class. Shots of All New S60

Autoexpress have the clearest spy shots yet of a S60 test car with only the slightest hint of camouflage. Following a preview in concept form nine months ago in Detroit, today the car is clearly ready to be let out into the world. Very little has been lost in transition from concept to production - even the paint colour remains the same deep ochre-orange.

If all goes to plan the new Volvo S60 will go on sale in Summer 2010.

Preview of new 2010 Volvo S60

Motor Authority published a post and a rendering outlining what seems to be the common position on the next generation Volvo S60. I have read similar information around the web in various forms, but this article ties it together nicely.

All that they have missed out is the change in the launch date to 2010, as per previous post here.

New Volvo S60 launch delayed until 2010

Left Lane News and The Motor Report run stories stating that Volvo has scrapped plans to unveil the production S60 sedan at the Frankfurt Auto Show, instead holding off until 2010 due to uncertaintity about Volvo's future sale.